Four Things You’ll Want To Know About Fire Damage Restoration

Whether your home has been in a fire, or you have invested in a property that has been damaged in a fire, many things need to be done. You will need to clean up smoke damage, rebuild structural damage, and decide if you want to do extra renovations to your home. There is a lot of work involved in this process, and here are some things that you will want to know before starting your project:

1. Cleaning Up The Smoke Damage 

The first thing that will have to be done in any fire restoration project is cleaning up the smoke damage. This involves removing the black layer of soot that is on things like walls and trim, which can be cleaned and restored. You will have to inspect these areas to ensure that the materials are not damaged and cleaning will be enough to restore them. This is often in areas of a home where the fire itself has not reached.

2. Removing Damaged Materials That Need Replacing

You will also need to remove any damaged materials. These materials may include things like siding, roofing and drywall. In areas where there is carpet, it is best to completely remove these materials rather than clean them. This is because smoke gets into the fibers of these materials and it is extremely difficult to get rid of the smell.

3. Dealing With Structural Damage That Cannot Be Repaired

There may also be structural damage to a home that is beyond repair. This damage can include charred framing of the roof, such as rafters and ceiling joists. You will want to remove and replace all these materials. When doing this, you will have to rebuild to meet modern building codes. This does not have to be done where you do not make structural changes, but there may be some building code requirements that you need to check with in your area.

4. Rebuilding And Making Changes To The Plans Of The Home

If there is a lot of demolition that needs to be done, now is a good time to think about making changes. You may want to consider things like designing kitchens and living spaces that have a modern and open design. Other areas that you may want to make changes to include bathrooms and master bedrooms.  It is best to invest in these improvements while restorations are being done to the home.

These are some of the things that you will want to know before taking on a fire damage restoration project. If you need help with cleaning up or restoration work for your project, contact a fire damage restoration service (such as ServiceMaster by Restoration Xperts) to find out how they can help you with the rebuilding process.